Feb 28, 2011


Round 1
So this Friday I am going to my weekly poker game with my mates. so i though that i would teach you guys a thing or two about poker so first off there is going to be a big blind and a small blind. Big blind has to put the minimum buy in into the pot and the small blind has to put half that(this is to ensure that a pot is won no matter what). This is 2 card poker so you are dealt 2 cards. judging on your hand there is 3 things you can do:

  1. Raise - this increases the minimum buy in so if people want to play their hand they will have to match this
  2. Call - This means that you match the big blind and you are willing to play your hand
  3. Fold - This means that you have a bad hand and you are throwing away your cards and waiting till next game.
Round 2
Once the first round of betting is over the dealer will then place out the "River" meaning they will burn one card (throw the top card of the deck away) and then place out 3 card from the top of the deck. Another round of betting will be done but there is one more option you can pick this being :
  • Check - This means that you will not bet anything, if everyone checks then you will move on to the next part but if some one bets then you will have to either call, raise or fold.
Round  3
after that round of betting is over the dealer will then place out the "Turn", This is just like the last one, a card is "burned" but only 1 card is turned over from the deck. Again another round of betting is done.

Round 4
After that round of betting the dealer will place the "River", This is exactly the same as the last one, a card is burned and one turned over from the top of the deck. The final round of betting will commence.

After that round of betting the players will turn over there cards and the deal will decide who has won judging on this list below in the image and judging who is higher that person wins the pot(all the money that has been bet):
and if the people have the same hand then it will be who has the highest second card and if they are the same then the pot will be split meaning they both get half the money that has been bet. 


  1. I already knew how to play poker, but this Poker for Dummies is very clear, thanks for sharing :)

  2. *still waiting to get a straight or royal flush one of these days*

  3. maybe i could use this to actually win a game...

  4. Still don't understand poker. Think i'll leave it out.

  5. high card is if you non of you even had a pair the highest card wins

  6. useful post - always struggled with poker

  7. I love playing poker. Mainly because my friends suck at it and I'm allways making a profit! :D

  8. Yeah this is very helpful for newbies