Mar 1, 2011

What if

We have all had them moments in life that we can later look back on and think, what if. My biggest "What If" would be if I didn't actually pass my maths GCSE that would of meant that I wouldn't be at college and this would have lead to many different things in my life like; I would have a job, I would not actually be writing this blog as it was a friend from college(Jakesays. His blog is here) that showed me about this whole blogging thing.

I know there is no point in thinking about it because there is no way in a million years we could do anything about it, but we all do like what if that car didn't stop for that red light whilst you was crossing the road or what if  I had different friends, this is a big one because these are your roll models in a way, people you look up to and they have influenced your way of life.

So my question to you is what is your biggest "What if"? Was it turning down that job a few weeks ago, was it like me and what if you didn't get the grades you needed to get into college.


  1. My biggest "What if" now is What if I leave my education and seriously will do music.

  2. What if...I made enough to buy a house before I was 25, or could support my children better than my parents did to me

  3. what if i didn't comment on this post?

  4. There is no what if in history .
    It is done , no other way is avaible anymore .