Mar 17, 2011


So i realize the end of the world is apparently on its way so i was just thinking what i would do if  only had 24 hours live. I would go see all of my family in a close range and take them with me on all of this and go absolutely pig out in the local super market. I would then go and find the nicest car/ limo and cruse on down to an apple store and take 1 of each of their products (Just so i could say i have(not that i could tell any one)) and then just get stoned till the last day.

So That is my 24 hour plan, What would yours be ?


  1. I'd smoke weed, listen epic music and have sex all day long. I never understood the urge to say goodbye to everyone. After all, in 24 hours you'll be dead, and the people that deserve to know you love them, should already know it. But that's just my opinion of course :D

  2. Probably just be with my girlfriend and try to make her day the best she's ever had. Then at the end, call my family and tell them how much I love them.

  3. Probably eat everything and sex everyone.