Mar 6, 2011


Sorry i haven't had a post in a while people. I have have been busy for a while with college, Also i had an injury with my neck, Where i trapped a nerve and i couldn't actually move it. still painful now but at least i can look down at my keyboard and back up to the TV with out rolling on the floor in pain.

So todays i would like to know, What is the most pain you have been ? mine has to be when i broke my ankle in primary school. Not only did i not know it was broken at the time but i had to go the full day walking around. Then as i got home i couldn't actually move it so i was taken to A&E and was potted up for 6 weeks.


  1. wow that's crazy, mine was tearing my acl and mcl from football good lawd it hurted!

  2. when i watched Hachi:A Dog's Tale. Fucking sad, man!

  3. last night, i got very intoxicated, and was sitting on the trunk of a car for a means of cheap transportation.
    (the driver is unaware)

    so once we hit speeds of around 50 KM/h
    i happened to fall off the back, and slide at, 50 KM/h down the road for a dirty long ways.

    this resulted in my middle finger of my right hand being broken, and road rash on my face. :P