Aug 28, 2011

Competitive Gaming ?

Sorry for leaving you guys a long time :P but in all honestly i couldn't keep up with it. I have been playing call of duty competitively and i have been enjoying it more now. I think it is because now i am actual playing people who can give me more of a challenge. instead of going online and just getting 45 kills to 3 deaths or something. 

just thought i would share this bit of my life with you :P not much going on, had a 6+ weeks holiday off college and go back again soon. 

My question to you is, What do you think about people who can make money off being good at say call of duty or gears of war ?

Mar 17, 2011


So i realize the end of the world is apparently on its way so i was just thinking what i would do if  only had 24 hours live. I would go see all of my family in a close range and take them with me on all of this and go absolutely pig out in the local super market. I would then go and find the nicest car/ limo and cruse on down to an apple store and take 1 of each of their products (Just so i could say i have(not that i could tell any one)) and then just get stoned till the last day.

So That is my 24 hour plan, What would yours be ?

Mar 6, 2011


Sorry i haven't had a post in a while people. I have have been busy for a while with college, Also i had an injury with my neck, Where i trapped a nerve and i couldn't actually move it. still painful now but at least i can look down at my keyboard and back up to the TV with out rolling on the floor in pain.

So todays i would like to know, What is the most pain you have been ? mine has to be when i broke my ankle in primary school. Not only did i not know it was broken at the time but i had to go the full day walking around. Then as i got home i couldn't actually move it so i was taken to A&E and was potted up for 6 weeks.

Mar 1, 2011

What if

We have all had them moments in life that we can later look back on and think, what if. My biggest "What If" would be if I didn't actually pass my maths GCSE that would of meant that I wouldn't be at college and this would have lead to many different things in my life like; I would have a job, I would not actually be writing this blog as it was a friend from college(Jakesays. His blog is here) that showed me about this whole blogging thing.

I know there is no point in thinking about it because there is no way in a million years we could do anything about it, but we all do like what if that car didn't stop for that red light whilst you was crossing the road or what if  I had different friends, this is a big one because these are your roll models in a way, people you look up to and they have influenced your way of life.

So my question to you is what is your biggest "What if"? Was it turning down that job a few weeks ago, was it like me and what if you didn't get the grades you needed to get into college.

Feb 28, 2011


Round 1
So this Friday I am going to my weekly poker game with my mates. so i though that i would teach you guys a thing or two about poker so first off there is going to be a big blind and a small blind. Big blind has to put the minimum buy in into the pot and the small blind has to put half that(this is to ensure that a pot is won no matter what). This is 2 card poker so you are dealt 2 cards. judging on your hand there is 3 things you can do:

  1. Raise - this increases the minimum buy in so if people want to play their hand they will have to match this
  2. Call - This means that you match the big blind and you are willing to play your hand
  3. Fold - This means that you have a bad hand and you are throwing away your cards and waiting till next game.
Round 2
Once the first round of betting is over the dealer will then place out the "River" meaning they will burn one card (throw the top card of the deck away) and then place out 3 card from the top of the deck. Another round of betting will be done but there is one more option you can pick this being :
  • Check - This means that you will not bet anything, if everyone checks then you will move on to the next part but if some one bets then you will have to either call, raise or fold.
Round  3
after that round of betting is over the dealer will then place out the "Turn", This is just like the last one, a card is "burned" but only 1 card is turned over from the deck. Again another round of betting is done.

Round 4
After that round of betting the dealer will place the "River", This is exactly the same as the last one, a card is burned and one turned over from the top of the deck. The final round of betting will commence.

After that round of betting the players will turn over there cards and the deal will decide who has won judging on this list below in the image and judging who is higher that person wins the pot(all the money that has been bet):
and if the people have the same hand then it will be who has the highest second card and if they are the same then the pot will be split meaning they both get half the money that has been bet. 

Feb 27, 2011


I know that this is off my usual topic but yestaday my mum found a "Scooby String" that I had made in primary school in year 6. As soon as I saw this object i instantly got all these images in my head of my whole primary school life and it put a smile on my face that I couldn't take off no matter what. It got me thinking how something so small as a scooby string made me so happy.

So this is my message to you guys, Go find all them boxes that you put away in the attic or garage like 10 years ago and start looking though it, you will be surprised how little objects like toy cars, key rings, pictures and even old school work books will make the worst of days seem not so bad.

Feb 26, 2011

Pros and Cons of motorbikes

So Ive just had a week off from college, that right am at college. The main reason i got this motorbike was so i didn't have to commute 2 hours every day on a bus packed with irate, sleepy and moody people going to work and school every morning and right before a 9 - 4 day, that is not the best atmosphere to be in.

a few other main reason I got a motorbike are:

  1. Traffic - You don't have to wait in line for the Que to go down(however in some country's "Filtering" is illegal and in others it is frond upon. 
  2. Mornings - There is nothing that will wake you up more in the morning than the rush of air flying in your face(and the odd fly)
  3. Parking- Yes parking if free for bikes so i don't have to pay that extra cost just to put my bike somewhere
However the bad point of this are:
  1. Weather - The Cold is not the best conditions to be out on a bike also in snow because that means ice and ice means falls and breaks.
  2. Vulnerability - We are in more danger than any one else. If I hit the wall on my bike, Ive got slim chances of still being alive.